NDP leader Jagmeet Singh had a slight logistical problem come his way on Thursday morning, as his famous poutine truck lost a battle with one of Montreal's famous potholes on the way to a photo op.

The custom orange-colored truck is considered to be an integral part of the NDP candidate's publicity machine, offering "Punjabi poutine" in an attempt to crack the tough Quebec crowd and possibly pull some of them away from their perennial favourite party, the Bloc, who have in many ways a similar platform and interests to the NDP.

The event had to be pushed back a full two hours while they dealt with the stranded dispenser of Jagmeet's custom recipe for the classic Quebecois dish of french fries, cheese curds and the mysterious but respectable "sauce brune" or "brown sauce".

(Photo: Nick Boisvert, Twitter)

It does appear, however, that the wheel was able to be towed to Prefontaine Park, the site of the in a fairly timely manner, and the event will continue at 1:30pm, minutes from the time of this writing.

Jagmeet Singh, whose proposals are more popular with some than with others in Canada, is fighting an uphill battle at best in La Belle Provence. In 2019, his party won only one seat in the whole province, and he appears to hoping to build a bit on that tiny foothold.

The event took place at Parc Prefontaine, in Montreal, a part of the Hochelaga riding that currently leans Liberal, with 338 forecasting an 80 percent chance of victory. Following in second is the Bloc at 18 percent, and the NDP with the remaining 2 percent.