Asa Akira, an adult actress and PornHub host, was videocasting in 2021 as part of a panel. They were talking about the ramifications of hypothetically having sex with a 13-year-old boy.

The above podcast was hosted by David Choe, an artist who is known for his penchant to spark controversy.

They are discussing a particular 13-year-old they all know who is unknown to the audience, when they ask Akira if she would have had sex with the boy, and she confirmed that she would. Choe continued with:

"Is there anyone that has a problem with that? There's not one person that would think that's abuse and would just think how lucky that kid is."

"... No one would consider that rape, except maybe his mom. And even then, only if his mom were [censored in the video]," exclaimed Akira, chiming in.

Another guest brought up the issue of the law. Akira countered with, "Well, f**k the law."

"Would you feel morally dirty if I went into the other room and f**ked this kid?" Akira went on. "I would so proud of both of you guys. I would be happy for you," Choe answers.

One of the panel members (half off-screen in the video)  who apparently "has sons in that [age] range" voices his objections, over which Choe comments, "What are you, like the protector of 13-year-olds or something?"

"I think somebody has to [protect them] responds the man."

"What a nerd!" concludes Akira.

According to the Sun, Akira has since apologized for the inappropriate comments she made:

"Over the last decade, I’ve grown into a person who no longer feels the same things are funny or appropriate," she said in a statement.

"I believe there are many downfalls to becoming an adult in the public eye; one of them being that my immature, uneducated, and underdeveloped attempts at humour are forever up for the whole world to see.

"I feel very badly for the hurt I’ve caused anyone."

PornHub's parent company MindGeek is currently under investigation for 34 different violations of the law in the US, including failure to file proper consent forms under Section 2257 and promoting child pornography.

A Trudeau ally and former CFO of the Canadian Liberal Party was looking at purchasing the troubled company in May, despite the allegations against it.