Justin Trudeau was speaking in French to an audience on Tuesday, and he made it clear that his government is "particularly" going to look after its constituents within Quebec.

In the video, the Prime Minister says in French that the government has always been there for Canadians, but particularly for the Quebecois, and has "put eight out of every ten dollars of the federal government for pandemic help for the people, and has promised to keep being there for the people."

Trudeau has also commented in the recent past that he feels that the French language isn't sufficiently supported by the federal government, both within Quebec and in other parts of the Canadian territory.

The Trudeau administration's sweet spot for "La Belle Provence" is hardly a secret with the Canadian public. They have previously been working on legislation (which may still be passed in the near future) making French the only official language within the province of Quebec.

Such a move would go against the grain of a decades-long Liberal party line strongly supporting bilingualism in Quebec and nationwide.