Prime Minister Trudeau made a revelation during a press conference that, despite his draconian stance on vaccinations, some Liberal candidates are still not fully vaccinated.

Reporter John Iverson of the National Post asked Trudeau:

"You talk about Erin O'Toole and his candidates, and we know you've told your candidates to get vaccinated. Do you know if they all have? And if they haven't, why not?"

Trudeau's reply was:

"Every single Liberal candidate agrees fully with our approach on this. We are, we have ensured that all our candidates have been vaccinated or are getting vaccinated."

"I believe there's a couple who are about to get their second dose now. But we take very very seriously the responsibility. We all have, if we're getting out there, going door to door, to keep Canadians safe, and we absolutely will do that."

The upcoming federal elections in Canada were announced by Trudeau himself on Sunday Aug. 15 2021, and will be held on Sunday Sept. 20 2021.

Assuming the veracity of Trudeaus words, those "couple" of candidates who are "about to get their second dose now" are going to have a very short window to go "door to door," considering that a person is not considered to be fully vaccinated until he or she has waited at least two to three weeks after receiving his or her second dose.