Prime Minister Justin Trudeau refused on Wednesday during a TV interview to rule out the possibility of newer and more taxes if re-elected.

"On Aug. 19, Justin Trudeau was asked directly whether he will raise taxes on Canadians. He refused to rule it out. Now we know why: page 14 of the Liberal platform proposes a new tax on the sale of your home," tweeted the Conservative Party of Canada.

"In past campaigns, you have promised not to raise taxes on the middle class. I'm wondering if you're going to recommit to not raising taxes on the middle class again," Trudeau was asked. He responded:

"What we've seen throughout this pandemic and throughout the past years are Canadians increasingly worried about affordability. The cost of living is rising. Housing is a real challenge."

"Families are facing increasing pressures, which is why, over the past number of years, we focused on making life more affordable for Canadians."

"We raise taxes on the wealthiest one percent so we could lower them for the middle class. We delivered hundreds of dollars a month tax-free to millions of families across the country with the Canada child benefit measures that lifted over 400,000 kids out of poverty.

"At the same time as we created a million jobs, we lifted a million people out of poverty in this country."

Particularly at issue is a new proposed tax on home sales being looked at by the Liberal party, which would possibly even tax the sale of Canadians' primary residences.

While they reportedly backed off of the measure on Jul. 21 2020, they are apparently re-studying it with an eye to bringing it back to the table.