Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accidentally referred to Erin O'Toole as "Mr. Harper" during Monday's press conference in British Columbia.

Trudeau would quickly correct himself, saying that it was Mr. O'Toole who was trying to bring Canada "back to Stephen Harper targets."

The prime minister would announce at that same conference that, if re-elected, his government would make it a criminal offence to block access to buildings that provide health care, including hospitals, pharmacies, and abortion clinics.

When asked to justify these new proposed laws, Trudeau said that there was already specific laws against intimidation of judges and other fields, and that health professionals deserved those protections.

Trudeau would go on to attack his main opponent, Conservative leader Erin O'Toole, for being weak on vaccine mandates, and also defended saying that those who wanted the pandemic to end would vote for the Liberals.