Senator Rand Paul joined Fox News' Jesse Waters on Wednesday and slammed Dr. Fauci's latest anti-American remarks in which he stated that "individual rights" should no longer be granted when it comes to "public health."

Fauci said that there is a "...misplaced percepetion about people's individual right to make a decision that supercedes the societal safety."

Senator Paul said it is "alarming" that Fauci has such "casual disdain" for liberty and science, and added that he is an "...authoritarian that doesn't obey the science."

Paul and Waters discussed Fauci "lying" about not knowing whether or not natural immunity has the ability to protect against COVID.

"He's a liar and he lies about natural immunity. He knows it works," Paul said adding, "This is a recipe for totalitarianism. It's a recipe for something we don't want in our country."