As the White House gears up for President Joe Biden's scheduled speech on the administration's 6-pronged plan to fight the COVID pandemic in the US, a reporter asked Press Secretary Psaki about plans for a federal vaccine mandate.

"How bold is the president willing to be as far as the private sector is concerned," the reporter asked, "in the vaccine mandate area, even if they don't have federal contracts. Can the Department of Labor or anyone else compel major employers, large employers, to force the vaccine mandates on their employees?"

"Yes," Psaki said unequivocally. "Stay tuned."

This follows a preview of Biden's speech, given by the Press Secretary, outlining plans for increased requirements for Americans to be vaccinated. Biden already has plans to mandate vaccines for all federal workers.

The White House is reportedly interested in compelling employers to enforce vaccine mandates.

Psaki said yesterday that "what you're going to hear from the President [Thursday] is going to build on some of the steps that the President announced over the course of last few months. We've been at war with with the virus for a long time, several months, more than a year, year and a half."

"We have been working, we've been at war with the Delta variant over the course of the last couple of months," she went on to say, listing off what the administration sees as their successes in pandemic abatement.

Those include:

  • New government vaccine mandates on DOD, military forces, NIH, and the Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • Incentivized additional mandates, in home and health care facilities, nursing homes, and others.
  • Incentivized private sector, set private sector mandates.
  • Deployed over 700 surge response teams across the country.
  • Worked closely, again with the private sector to institute more requirements on vaccinations.

The administration has repeatedly said that there would be no uniform, federal, vaccination passport, though they did say they would work with businesses to develop their own. Biden has also celebrated those vaccine credentials, or vaccine passports, developed and implemented in some major US cities.