Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre picked apart Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland's record during his press conference on Sunday.

"Freeland failed Canada in the USMCA: failed to end softwood lumber tariffs or exempt Canadian companies from Buy America (two things Harper achieved) & failed to get Keystone Pipeline," wrote Poilievre in a tweet. "Time for a government that can defend Canada’s workers against US protectionism."

"Mr. Trudeau has to acknowledge that Freeland failed Canada in the USMCA. She signed a deal that did not protect Canada from Buy American. Did not end the tariffs on softwood lumber, which did not allow us to export our largest export commodity, energy, through the keystone pipeline," he said.

"Unlike Mrs. Freeland and Mr. Trudeau, the previous Conservative government succeeded in these areas. We were able to get America to get Canada an exemption to Buy American policies. and we were able to get George W. Bush to sign a softwood lumber agreement...

"Chrystia Freeland and Justin Trudeau have done none of those things, they conceded to Donald Trump and got nothing in return... All they do when they talk about Canada-US relationships is take credit for things that Brian Mulroney signed into NAFTA three decades before."

Freeland is currently travelling alongside her superior, Justin Trudeau, in the United States, where she is expected to attend the "Three Amigos" summit.