Conservative leader Erin O'Toole held an in-person rally on Tuesday in Richmond Hill.

O'Toole's appearance comes one day after unveiling his party's 160-page platform—something that O'Toole would continually promote during the rally, with a focus on rebuilding Canada's economy post-COVID.

During the event, O'Toole would blast Trudeau's election timing, saying that the Liberals should be "singularly focused on stopping the Delta variant, and supporting hard-hit business owners," saying that Trudeau's Liberals "only care about themselves" and that the incumbents should focus on Canada's interests rather and their political interests.

O'Toole's plan also put major focus on what he called the second health crisis—the mental health of young people throughout Canada. O'Toole said that his party would put major emphasis on mental health needs, as drug and alcohol abuse saw record highs in 2020.

O'Toole has said that he will continue to do in-person and virtual meetings, though he preferred seeing faces and hearing people clap "in-person."