Conservative Party leader Erin O'Toole criticized Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during a press conference on Thursday.

When asked about the increasing cost of living and Trudeau's excuse increases were a part of a global phenomenon, O'Toole agreed that it was global, but that Canada's stagnant economy was due to Trudeau.

"We spent more per capita than any of our peer countries, but we have the worst results," said O'Toole, who said that wages were barely moving and that Canadians are being "priced out of their own lives."

"There needs to be a sense of urgency here, but instead, Mr. Trudeau is going into his hybrid, hibernation, hiding from accountability."

O'Toole's press conference highlighted Trudeau's visit to Glasgow for COP26, which had "thousands" of attendees who O'Toole said did not need vaccine passports. O'Toole contrasted this with the Liberals' calls for a hybrid approach to parliament.