On Tuesday evening, candidate for Nevada Lieutenant Governor Mack Miller was aggressively thrown out of a Clark County Commission meeting by security officers.

In the moments leading up to officers throwing him out in an aggressive manner, on footage recorded by Miller, protestors can be heard chanting "freedom of speech" at the commissioners.

Miller tells the camera that security officer had pushed and shoved him while in the meeting chamber.

"You're not gonna shove me around," Miller can be heard shouting.

"There's no way you're gonna stop me from protecting these people's f*cking rights," he continues as police begin to push him towards the exit.

"I'm sick and tired of you f*ckin around with the citizens' rights," Miller can be heard moments before he's pushed to the ground by the security officers.

Footage of the assault shows two security officers quickly pushing him through the hall outside the chamber, nearly knocking down a metal detector.

People filming the incident can be heard telling the security officers "don't hurt him. Hey, that's your lieutenant governor, what are you doing?"

"This ain't a criminal, this is a citizen," the man filming continues. "You guys are done."

A number of onlookers shouted to call 911, as Miller lies on the ground.

A woman in the background can tearfully be heard telling someone on the phone, "he's been assaulted."

"You guys need to put yourselves under arrest," the man filming told security officers. "You guys better figure out what side you're on, you're on the wrong side right now."

During the meeting, commissioners voted 5-2 in favor of a resolution to declare "misinformation" surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine a "public health crisis" according to the Las Vegas Sun.

Events started to take a turn for the worse during a five minute recess, where a man refused to put his halloween-style mask back on his face, telling security officers "he wanted to drink his coffee in peace," the Las Vegas Sun reported.

Protestors began chanting "commies" and "resign" as Commission Chairwoman Marilyn Kirkpatrick stepped in to talk to the man.

Following that incident, The room was ordered to be cleared, which is when the incident with Miller occurred.