The mother of a student in South Kingston, Rhode Island spoke out about the anti-white training being taught in her daughter’s classroom in a blog post. She joined Tucker Carlson on Fox News Thursday to discuss after the school threatened to sue her.

"Parents across the country have to start holding their school officials accountable. They are our civil servants. They work for us. They are not supposed to be these tyrants in the classroom," Nicole Solas said, the mother of a Kindergarten student.

Nicole Solas filed several public records requests after concerns arose over the indoctrination being taught in her child’s classroom. After receiving the public records request, Solas created a blog post detailing the disturbing findings. The South Kingston School Board accused her of being racist and threatened to sue her.

"I know that in Kindergarten, they don't call the kids 'boys and girls' which I don't know why that is. They also don't use gender terminology in the classroom," Solas explained. "When they teach the children about Thanksgiving, they ask them what could have been done differently on Thanksgiving, which strikes me as a way to shame children for their American heritage."

After detailing her concerns in a blog post, the South Kingston School Board called the student's mother a "bigot." Solas called on the chair of the school board committee to "resign immediately."

"That is a patently false, outrageous defamatory statement that should be retracted and the chair of the school committee should resign immediately," Solas fired back.

"But you know, this is what they do. They smear people who ask them questions, who disagree with them. And it's just a false accusation of racism that they use to bully you into silence. They reduce everyone down to the color of their skin and a human beings worth is more than that. If this is any indication of what's going on in my school district, our town is in deep, deep trouble."

"This is exactly why I was submitting my public records request to get information about how exactly this is being taught in our schools. And then they turn around and have a public meeting to discuss, suing me for submitting the public record requests, which they told me to do," Nicole Solas continued.

Solas told Carlson that she has received an inordinate amount of support from her community as well as individuals from across the country who attended her meeting with the school board both in-person and online.

"I want parents to know that if they are going to get answers from their school district, they need to submit public records request," Solas said.

"It's called an APRA. It stands for the access to public records act. This is a way that you can legally compel your school to answer your questions so you can know what is being taught in your classrooms."

"We need to stop being afraid of retaliation. It, the risk of retaliation is there. It happened to me. But our children are worth the risk of that retaliation because we're the only ones that are going to be asking these questions," said Solas, the mother of a Kindergarten student at the South Kingston Rhode Island school.