During a Remembrance Day event held today in Ottawa, the moment of silence was broken to introduce Canada's Governor General.

In the middle of the 2 minute moment of silence, Governor General Mary Simon arrived in her protective convoy. The announcer at the end made sure that the crowd was aware of her arrival, saying "ladies and gentlemen, arriving now is her excellency the right honourable Mary Simon, the Governor General."

On top of this, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just managed to avoid being late for the moment of silence, arriving mere minutes before 11:00 AM, due to a possible security incident. This is the time the moment of silence is usually observed.

Toronto Sun columnist Bryan Passisiume said "it was an unfortunate distraction to an otherwise solemn and fantastic ceremony" on Twitter.

"Was it necessary to herald her arrival during the two minutes of silence? They couldn’t just let her arrive and slip in unannounced, and maybe announce it later?"

The former director of policy to Prime Minister Stephen Harper said that "the disrespect is staggering. Unbelievable. However, the rest of the program participants did a beautiful job of a very abbreviated ceremony."

A former CFL Grey Cup winner also commented on the interruption, saying it was "shameful. But not surprising."