Spectators of the Liberty college football game on Saturday against Middle Tennessee erupted with yet another impromptu "Let's Go Brandon" chant.

Liberty's Flames would go on to trounce Middle Tennessee, beating them with a final score of 41 to 13. Liberty classifies itself as a Christian educational institution, and as such, it's not surprising that the student fans opted for the version of the chant with the cleaner language to get their point across at the match-up.

The "Let's Go Brandon" chant has come into use as a euphemism recently for "F*ck Joe Biden," after a reporter at an Oct. 2 NASCAR event pretended that fans were chanting the former when they were actually chanting the latter.

Both the original chant with the F-word and the newer "cleaner version"  are becoming increasingly common in the nation's bars and sports venues, with many examples of both chants being embraced by large sectors of the American public.

As college football teams in the region go into the seventh week of their regular season, most people are predicting many more such anti-Biden chants during upcoming games, as more and more Americans voice their burgeoning dissatisfaction with the Biden administration as the year 2021 goes on.