California Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder joined Fox News' Tucker Carlson on Tuesday to discuss the multiple hit pieces being written about him in order to deter the citizens of California from recalling Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom in the upcoming recall election.

"They're scared to death," Larry Elder said. "The only thing I would add to your wonderful and entertaining monologue is the decline in the quality of government schools in California."

"We're near the bottom in reading and math scores. 75 percent of black boys cannot read at state levels of proficiency, and those levels are low. Half of all third graders cannot. 80 percent of kids educated in government schools in California are black and brown. These are the very ones that the left claims that they care about," Elder continued.

"Now, the polls show that the majority of urban parents, black and brown, want choice in education. And that's one of the things they're scared to death about. I support choice so that the money would follow the child rather than the other way around and a parent would be able to put their child in a private school, a parochial school, a religious school, or even homeschooling, dare I say."

"The largest funder of my opponent, Gavin Newsom, is the teacher's union. And they're the most powerful union in this state," Elder added.

The longtime American radio host went on to discuss the many hit pieces that democrats in congress have endorsed which labeled Elder's run for Governor as a "Republican takeover" instead of the real reasons Elder decided to run which includes the drastic decline in quality of life for California citizens.

"Elizabeth Warren cut a commercial for Gavin Newsom. Didn't say anything about the rising crime, the rising cost of living the rising homelessness."

"The fact that for the very first time, people that live in California, Tucker just today, there was a long report by the Hoover Institute that shows the rate at which businesses are leaving California. The first six months of this year is twice the rate at which they've left in the last three years," Elder continued.

"And it's across the board; manufacturing, aerospace, finance, and even tech. They always thought tech was always going to remain in California. They're leaving as well. And they're citing the cost of living here in California, taxes and regulations, which are all through the roof."

"Elizabeth Warren should be ashamed of herself," Tucker Carlson said, firing back at Democratic politicians.

In Tucker Carlson's Tuesday night monologue, the primetime Fox News host discussed the outrageous hit pieces against Elder, including the Los Angeles Times having labeled him "the black face of white supremacy."