On Tuesday, the Wisconsin judge overseeing the Kyle Rittenhouse trial announced that deputies that morning had caught someone taking video of the jurors at the bus pick-up to bring them to court.

Judge Bruce Schroeder told those in Kenosha County courtroom Tuesday morning that "it was reported to me… that this morning there was someone there and was video recording the jury."

Schroeder stated that deputies approached the person filming, and demanded that they delete the footage taken.

He added that he has instructed deputies to take the phone away and bring it to him if the incident occurs again, adding that he was "frankly quite surprise" that the incident occurred in the first place.

"I've been assured that … the video, which had been taken, has been deleted," Schroeder told the jury.

Responding to questions for comment regarding the incident from Fox News, Mark Richards, one of Rittenhouse's defense attorneys, told the outlet that "the matter you speak about is being dealt with."

Kenosha County Sheriff's Department Sgt. David Wright confirmed the department was "investigating this information and working with the courts," and Kenosha police Lt. Joseph Nosalik confirmed the department was "aware of the video," claiming jurors were being recorded.

"Our commitment is to support the Kenosha County Sheriff with the trial process. I'm not going to speculate on anything to do with that video," he added.

Rittenhouse is currently on trial for shooting three men during the Kenosha riots in August of 2020. Two  of the men were killed, and a third was wounded. His defense is arguing that Rittenhouse, 17-years-old at the time, fired in self defense.