On Saturday afternoon, a father walking with his daughter in the Garrison Point Reserve in George's Hall, Australia, was handcuffed by local police after he was found unmasked in Sydney's coronavirus-hit western suburbs.

Footage of the incident, obtained by the Daily Mail, shows the man sitting with his hands behind his back, as his daughter wanders nearby.

"Come on guys, be fair, a little bit," said the man who was filming. "He's got a daughter here. She is by herself. Look, the little girl is scared, man."

The officers told the man filming that the father had "committed an offense."

"He hasn't committed an offense - I walked past and saw everything," the man filming said to the law enforcement officers. The father then told police that he would not speak to them until his daughter was by his side.

The officer has the young daughter return to her father, who then sits in his lap as he is sitting with handcuffs on his wrists.

The father told police that he was dropping his daughter off with his sister then going for a run, during which he would not have to wear a mask.

In New South Wales, Australia, masks are required in all public indoor places, which includes shops, offices, and common areas of apartment buildings, as well as outdoors spaces unless exercising. The man received a fine for failing to wear a mask. New South Wales Police told the Daily Mail Australia that the father had been stopped and spoken to during a COVID-19 compliance check.

"He was unable to provide a valid explanation or exemption," NSW Police said. 'The man allegedly became verbally abusive and aggressive toward police as they continued with their duties," authorities said. "Officers warned the man on multiple occasions about his conduct before he was arrested."

Those found not wearing a mask over the age of 18 can be issued a $500 fine; $80 and $40 penalties are in place for younger age groups. Those with an exemption must carry a medical certificate from a doctor or a statutory declaration.