Former President Donald Trump joined Sean Hannity on Fox News Tuesday night in an exclusive interview to address President Joe Biden’s failed withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, and the suffering left in the wake of Biden’s actions.

Trump said, "It's a terrible time for our country, there's never been anything like what's happened here."

"I looked at that big monster cargo plane yesterday," said Trump referencing the US Air Force C-17 taking off from Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul. Video captured Afghans holding onto the plane, desperate to free the Taliban. Tuesday the body of an Afghan was discovered in the wheel-well of one of the planes. Trump referenced the video which appeared to show people "blowing off the plane from 2,000 feet up in the air... nobody has ever handled a withdrawal worse than Joe Biden."

Trump added, "The Taliban has circled the airport and who knows if they're going to treat us right. We could have 40,000 Americans, not to mention others who helped us in Afghanistan …as many as 40,000 American hostages."

"Biden put us in this position. He should have gotten the civilians out first." The former President then described how he would have done the withdrawal. "The Americans come out first. Then I was going to take out all the military equipment that Russia will now be examining, and China. Take the equipment out, and then take the soldiers out." Trump added that he would have "blow(n) up all the forts" to remove any tactical advantage for terrorists.

Trump called Biden’s debacle, "...the greatest embarrassment in the history of the country," and added "a lot of generals ...shouldn't be generals right now... we have the greatest military in the world and we're giving it a very bad reputation."

Trump also disclosed a threat he made to Taliban leadershipwhile he was in office. "If anything bad happens to Americans, or anybody else, or you ever come over to our land, we'll hit you with a force that no country has ever been hit with before."

"We were respected all over the world…we are no longer respected."

Trump said of Biden, "You need a president that's respected, that got rid of ISIS, and he only returned because he was getting terrible press, he didn't return for any other reason." He added, "It was a horrible decision going into the Middle East ... do you think it's better than it was 20, 21 years ago? It's much worse."