Conservative commentator Dinesh D'Souza explains on his podcast how "the decency of ordinary people," such as the grieving Gold Star families and the brave Marine who called out the failures of US military leadership, "contrasts with the feckless, indifferent, callous and indecent conduct of the Biden administration."

"I wanna talk about the decency of ordinary people versus the indecency of the Biden administration," D'Souza says. "Really shows how American society is divided, not even straight across partisan lines so much, as between people who work hard, make sacrifices, give up a lot for their country, and speak up. They're brave; they take risks. That is the ordinary American."

"And then, on the other side, you've just got these callous, indifferent – who could care less – leaders," D'Souza pivots.

"I'm thinking here of [Biden's national security advisor] Jake Sullivan. I'm thinking here of [Secretary of State] Anthony Blinken – by the way, when the Taliban were taking Kabul, guess where Anthony Blinken was? In the Hamptons."

"I'm thinking of Joe Biden," he continues. "And, what a shocking contrast between our people – decent – and our leadership – not."

D'Souza then plays an audio clip of a call-in by Kathy McCollum, the outraged mother of slain Marine Rylee McCollum, as he comments on the "raw emotion" and the disgust at the "futility" of the grave situation.

Following that, D'Souza moves on to Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller who "notices that no one in the military is speaking up against this complete, I wouldn't just say 'failure,' collapse of leadership, derogation of leadership, sheer almost- indifference to what's happening in Afghanistan, the human catastrophe, the loss of US strategic interest, the long-term impact of all this, the rise of terrorism that it stimulates and feeds."

"And so, Stuart Scheller speaks out about this, and guess what? He's the one guy that gets fired," D'Souza notes.

"And then here's Biden, I mean think about, contrast the realism from Marine Lt. Col. Scheller, or from Kathy McCollum, just the way that they're responding in a normal way against Biden. Biden couldn't care less," D'Souza presses.

"There he is at the service to honor the fallen soldiers; he's looking at his watch. 'You know, I got better things to do. Why am I here. Is it nap time already?'"

"... What we have done in Afghanistan is just very grim. Namely, we have essentially unleashed terrorism on a previously unprecedented scale. Biden has basically turned the Taliban not just into the most powerful terrorist group in the world, but one of the world's biggest arms dealers," D'Souza quips.

"Because they've got all this weaponry and material, they don't even need all of it. So what are they gonna do? Put it on the international market," D'Souza explains.

D'Souza then mentions two old names being uttered in the wake of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, Al-Qaeda and ISIS, who are both appearing to resurface.

Furthermore, D'Souza points out that the Taliban offered control of Kabul to the US, and the US rejected the offer "literally directing Americans and American allies to Taliban checkpoints." Dinesh concludes: "These are horrific actions taken by the Biden administration, and the consequences are right before us. They're measurable, they're destructive and they're long-term."