Miranda Devine of the New York Post joined Tucker Carlson to take aim at Squad member Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) Wednesday night after fresh allegations emerged that the FBI knew that congresswoman married her brother so he could get into the US, in violation of immigration law.

"Republican operatives up in Minnesota decided to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on private investigators to really find out if Ilhan Omar was a genetic match… to the man who was her second husband," Devine said.

"They went to three continents. They found a cigarette butt and drinking straw, which… they sent it to a DNA laboratory and found conclusively that the DNA matched, that the second husband who was a sibling, according to this DNA sample."

"So the very day that they were going to unleash this on the world, and in fact, I was interviewing one of the people involved, the FBI swooped on the gentleman, Anton Lazaro, from this Republican PAC up in Minnesota, and arrested him on some different charges," Devine continued.

"Who knows whether he's guilty or not guilty? I mean, he's not guilty until proven, but he's in jail. And so his story never got to see the light of day. I mean, luckily, he'd told the FBI, they were not interested, they told him the statute of limitations had run out. We managed to see the website before he took it down, before he was arrested and managed to report the story such as it was."

Carlson joked, "What will be more shocking to her fellow Liberals, the fact that the fact that the Ilhan Omar had an incestuous marriage to her own brother, or that she smokes cigarettes, which will they be more stunned by?"

Devine laughed and answered, "Definitely the latter. And they've got photographs of smoking the cigarette, so, I don't think that's at all in doubt."

"Yeah. Incest is just kind of an alternate lifestyle, but smoking a cigarette, that's immoral," Carlson remarked. "To clear she did marry her brother. We know that, It’s not only repulsive, but illegal. It's fraud. She's not been indicted. She's not going to be indicted. That's totally cool now?"

Devine replied, "Well, the FBI was told by one of these associates of these people that found the information and was just told no, that they've just decided the statute of limitations has run out on marriage fraud, even though there's no statute of limitations on immigration fraud."

"Yeah, or on smoking cigarettes," Carlson quipped.