A psychologist on CBS Mornings offered up some interesting advice regarding COVID-19 and how to greet guests in a COVID-safe way this Thanksgiving.

During a segment on CBS Mornings, hosts discussed possible "tension at the Thanksgiving table" with clinical psychologist and author Dr. Lisa Damour.

"It might be a difficult conversation before people step into their house to say, 'Whoa, wait a minute, where's your card? What's your status?'," host Nate Burleson asked.

"This is tough," Dr. Damour replied, "because people are all over the map on this, and they're also all over the map with their risk tolerance." She then noted that "rapid tests have made this a lot easier. Whatever peoples' vaccination status is, we can actually confirm safety on the spot.

Dr. Damour then suggested that hosts could mitigate potential risks by having guests undergo testing outside the home before entering. "So, if it feels like it's gonna be weird," she said, "maybe make it kind of fun. Say, 'We're gonna start with the hors-d'œuvres in the garage', you know, 'We'll have drinks, we'll do our rapid test, and then come on in'."

"You can make it playful, make it fun, and then be able to enjoy the holiday because you're not worried about safety."

This suggestion was met with mixed reaction from the hosts.

Tony Dokoupil the brought up the issue of "stamina," suggesting people might not have the energy to engage with other people for the whole weekend.

"We're out of practice with being together," Dr. Damour replied. "We're out of practice with being with lots of people."