On Thursday, political commentator Stephen Taylor pointed out what appears to be an error in the images displayed behind a CBC announcer while the current round of debates was being promoted.

The first photo appears behind the announcer. This photo is correct, and shows all five major candidates for this current election, set for Sept. 20 2021. They are, from left to right:

"The leaders of Canada's five main political parties are taking part in two televised national debates this week."

At this point, the image behind the announcer shifts. But this time, the image is erroneous; it appears to be an image from the debates held back in the year 2019. In this image, three of the five "candidates" shown are, in fact, no longer candidates, because they are no longer the leaders of their respective parties.

Only Trudeau of the Liberal party and Jagmeet Singh of the NDP debated on Wednesday night in French, and will debate on Thursday night in English. The announcer continues:

"The first one, in French, goes tonight, with the English debate tomorrow."

"The Conservatives and the Liberals are in a tight race, so these debates could have a big, bigger than normal impact on this election."