Primetime Fox News host Tucker Carlson slammed the Australian and New Zealand governments inhumane COVID-19 policies during a segment on Monday night, discussed Australia's nationwide lockdown and New Zealanders no longer being allowed to talk to neighbors to "prevent" the spread of COVID-19.

"Don't talk to your neighbors, stay in your bubble. That's New Zealand," Carlson said. "But it's freer than Australia."

"In Australia, the government has implemented total lockdowns nationwide and then imposed martial law to enforce those lockdowns. What's the justification for this?" He asked.

Carlson explained that the Australian government justified their tyrannical lockdowns after averaging one and a half coronavirus deaths per day in a country with 25 million people.

"In one recent case, which really does say it all, authorities executed rescue dogs, shot the dogs to death, to prevent Australian dog lovers from traveling to adopt the dog," Carlson said.

"Leaving your home is no longer allowed. So they just killed the dogs and the population put up with it. They were told they had to."

The Australian government, he said, has gone to extreme lengths to enforce the lockdowns, including a nationwide manhunt for a 27-year-old man who is COVID-19 positive who left his house, arresting and fining teenagers for being outside past curfew, and labeling churchgoers "selfish" and "arrogant."

"No one in Australia is laughing at this. No one can stand back far enough to see the lunacy on display. They're too far gone. This has been in the works for a long time, by the way, a situation like this does not happen overnight," Carlson said.

"Long before COVID in 2016, the government of Australia ended almost all legal protections for public protests and at the time people tolerated it. They trusted their government. They didn't think it was necessarily a big thing," Carlson added.

"So on Saturday, this weekend as protestors gathered in Millburn the government used this new authority to silence them."

"What we thought was a rules-based society, 'What law did I break?' you heard the protester asked as he's being beaten and handcuffed," Carlson said. "That might've been a good question to ask a few years ago, but of course now it's too late and you can see what happens when a nation tolerates authoritarianism, even for a moment."

"So you can either rebel immediately and say, 'we're not putting up with this. I'm sorry. We're free people in a free country.' San Francisco did that in 1918, when hypocrisy of their leadership became obvious, or you can sit back and watch it accelerated in the end. You'll wind up like Australia and they'll shoot your dog."