Navy Seal and Newsmax host Carl Higbie gave the "presidential address" President Biden "should have given" concerning Afghanistan. Following President Biden's address on Tuesday, the Newsmax host prepared a two-minute speech of what a "President Carl Higbie" would have said instead.

Following an impassioned speech, filled with strength and determination, Higbie said, "if you're sitting there safe in America complaining about my tone, I guarantee you'd be thinking very, very differently If you were the ones under heavy gunfire."

"This administration is a complete clown show. They can't get their act together," he continued. "We have no conviction on the international stage because this President houseplant can't even get a sentence out, and when he does finally manage to get in front of cameras, it's a dereliction of responsibility," Higbie said, alluding to Biden's finger-pointing.

The Navy Seal also remarked on the emotional toll of feeling abandoned and how that may be affecting American allies in Afghanistan. "The feeling of being left alone is one of the worst feelings you could have. Wanna know how I know this? Because I've been in that place where you need help. I was there on the southern border of Iran in 2007. We didn't know if they were coming to get us," Higbie said.

"We were running out of ammo and the nearest coalition forces were over 100 miles away. The sound of a C-47 helicopter in the distance was a symphony of hope..."

Higbie also targeted General Milley, who famously said he wants to "understand white rage" in relation to the Capital riot on January 6th. He additionally called out Press Secretary Jen Psaki for taking a vacation during the most significant foreign policy failure in some time.