Daily Wire host Candace Owens interviewed a whistleblower who spoke out against Pfizer after 10 years of employment. Appearing on Candace, guest Melissa McAtee discussed why she chose to speak out against the Big Pharma corporation.

Project Veritas released the fifth video in its COVID-19 vaccine investigative series on Oct. 6, featuring a sit-down interview with the Pfizer insider.

When asked why she spoke out, McAtee said, "Well, I'd been sitting on some information for a while and I wasn't really sure what to do with it."

"I watched Jodi's [O'Malley] whistleblow and she said that, you know, she doesn’t fear men. She fears God; and I thought well, I believe that so why aren't I doing anything?" McAtee said.

McAtee's position at Pfizer was as a quality auditor. During her time in this role, she alleges she witnessed the vaccine glowing under a certain light. She flagged this to the company and alleges it was ignored entirely.

"This is a one of a kind product. It raised a lot of eyebrows when employees started seeing it. Because even employees who have been there 40 years or so have never [seen this], this is a totally different ball game of product," she said. "The processes are just totally out of whack, they are different than anything we've done."

McAtee also told Owens that "some of the most liberal of my co-workers were upset" after taking the vaccine.

Owens also asked McAtee about leaked emails related to the use of fetal cells. "They're not necessarily lying, they’re being deceitful and leaving out information and that was enough for me to say, well it’s pretty common knowledge to say that immortal cell lines are used in these things so why are they acting like they have something to hide over something that’s pretty well known," said McAtee.

"Eventually though, when I found the emails and other things, I showed them to my husband because I wanted a second opinion - am I crazy or am I not? He helped confirm what I thought," McAtee added.

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