The key link between "anti-racist" teachings in the public schools and the media's treatment of it is that both groups make it into a word game meant to deceive an otherwise unknowing general public.

Some within the establishment are finally picking up on that.

Critical race theory’s chief critic Christopher Rufo was cheered after the Washington Post published an article outlining how media pundits have refused to address the situation in the education system when it comes to the politicization of content children are being taught.

"Democrats are lying about critical race theory" is the title.

"This is demonstrably false" said the Washington Post op-ed about the Democrat establishment’s recent rounds of denial.

This denial has been on display in recent days. On Monday, a CNN host refused to acknowledge that critical race theory teachings are taking place in Virginia classrooms, in an exchange with Senator Rick Scott of Florida. The recent hullabaloo on the topic came as a result of Democrat Terry McAuliffe’s failed campaign for Virginia governor. Many point to the candidate’s blanket ignorance on parent’s concerns about the new-age activist curriculum as a reason he lost the election against Youngkin.

Washington Post writer Marc A. Thiessen immediately cited the following evidence for a counterargument:

"Virginia’s Loudoun County Public Schools, which were ground zero in the debate over the role of parents in their kids’ education, paid $314,000 for critical race theory coaching for its teachers from the Equity Collaborative — a consulting firm that turns critical race theory into practices for "building more equitable learning environments."

You can see for yourself the Equity Collaborative LLC contract that originally called for $242,000 from Loudoun County Public Schools. But it’s further explained the bill ballooned to a total of $314,000 dollars.

The next section of the Post column describes the contents of the "lessons" this LLC espoused to teachers.

"In its presentation ‘Introduction to Critical Race Theory’ the Equity Collaborative instructs teachers that racism is ‘an inherent part of American civilization’ and attacks ‘ideas of colorblindness, the neutrality of the law, incremental change, and equal opportunity for all’ for maintaining ‘whites’ power and strongholds within society.’ It also questions ‘the idea of meritocracy’ which ‘allows the empowered … to feel ‘good’ and have a clear conscience’ and concludes with a breakout session for teachers to discuss ‘How might you use CRT to identify and address systemic oppression in your school, district or organization?’"

For readers that have been following along, the pattern described in the above quote is a similar lesson plan as Rufo uncovered being taught to America’s top companies: AT&T, Disney, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Bank of America, Google, CVS Pharmacy, and Walmart.

Inserting itself into business workplace culture or in public school systems, the key link between the two is that "anti-racism" is a product being sold.

In the case of Ohio’s Franklin Woods Intermediate school, a 6th grade student took an undercover video that confirmed that "CRT" in classroom practice has teachers becoming racial activists.

Back to the Washington Post piece’s point: it’s not just Virginia. It’s across America from New York City to California.

The impact of critical race theory is what caused this map. It’s a chart showing state level school board associations publicly distancing themselves and cutting ties with the National School Boards Association.

Wisconsin being the latest.

What escalated the situation to this level of public consciousness was the earlier move by the NSBA, requesting the Biden administration look into concerned parents as "domestic terrorism" levels of threat. The American Federation of Teachers union cheered when Garland and the FBI said they’d devote resources to the matter.

Even though the National Schools Boards Association later apologized for their letter, the impression was made on the minds of American parents.