Christopher Rufo announced Thursday that Walmart joined a growing list of companies in Corporate America to employ critical race theory. Their program paints the US as a country of white supremacy.

In the matter of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity (DIE) or critical race theory related initiatives, they came to prominence after the George Floyd riots nationwide last year. With COVID remaining a cause for concern among residents, industry, and government officials, Corporate America quietly rolled out changes to workplace culture.

As Rufo explains, Walmart launched their program in 2018. They accused former President Barrack Obama of pushing a stimulus program that benefited white people more than other demographics.

Before Floyd’s death, Walmart explored programs in partnership with consulting firm  Racial Equity Institute. Rufo says "more than 1000 employees" entered this program.

It frames "whiteness" as a disease that can be cured through training that claims white people have "white privilege" and "internalize racial superiority" no matter their immediate economic status due to systemic racism.

"White supremacy" as a culture is broken down by the materials into traits: "defensiveness," "fear of open conflict," "individualism," "paternalism," "power hoarding," "objectivity," "right to comfort" and "worship of the written word" are all seen as promoting this "damaging" worldview.

"We can choose to avoid the impact of racism without penalty," which the program says white people have the luxury of doing by becoming anti-racist activists.

As for Walmart employees of color, the training says they’re suffering under a hierarchy of systemic racism and that white supremacy lowered their general life inhibitions. Moreover, once minorities realize this system of oppression they live under, they have an emotional reaction of rage and anger they have to suppress to get by.

Rufo closes out his Twitter thread by highlighting how white male CEO Doug McMillon makes $22 million a year. This is far from the first time Rufo has uncovered internal company training seminars intended to politically radicalize a workplace culture. He’s also exposed: Bank of America, CVS, Disney, Google, and Raytheon among others.