US Vice President Kamala Harris spoke publicly about the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan and their administration's withdrawal during a Monday press conference in Singapore.

Since the US withdrew from Afghanistan and the Taliban took over the region for the first time in two decades, Harris failed to address the crisis publicly.

President Biden faced harsh criticism from Republicans and Obama-era officials over his Afghanistan exit-strategy. Multiple Obama-era officials were distraught and critical of Biden's failure in the war-torn nation.

Harris broke her silence during a press conference with Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, according to Fox News.

During the press conference, Harris and Loong were asked by a reporter about the US withdrawal process and ongoing evacuation efforts in Afghanistan. The reporter asked Harris what she thought went wrong with the withdrawal.

"So, I understand and appreciate why you asked the question. And I think there's going to be plenty of time to analyze what has happened and what has taken place in the context of the withdrawal from Afghanistan," Harris responded. "But right now, we are singularly focused on evacuating American citizens, Afghans who worked with us, and Afghans who are vulnerable, including women and children."

Harris went on to say, "we have a priority in making sure that the people in particular who helped achieve American achieve its goals in Afghanistan are safe."

Before Loong addressed questions from reporters, Harris praised Biden for having "shown great emotion in expressing sadness about some of the images we have seen, but we cannot be distracted in any way from what must be our primary mission right now, which is evacuating people from that region who deserve to be evacuated."

On Friday, Harris received criticism for laughing uncontrollably after a reporter asked her about the situation in Afghanistan before she boarded a plane to Singapore.

President Biden faced harsh criticism from Republicans and Obama-era officials over his Afghanistan exit-strategy. Obama advisers David Axelrod and Brett Bruen criticized Biden for the foreign policy failure.

Axelrod criticized Biden for not fully taking responsibility. Bruen echoed these concerns on America's Newsroom. "I can say there were a number of us from the Obama administration officials who are concerned."

"We want nothing but the best for our country. We want nothing but the best for Biden's team, but they have had a number of unforced errors. Afghanistan is the worst of them," said Bruen.