A recent clip of an Ulta Beauty store robbery in Chicago is making waves across social media. But it’s not an isolated incident. Only the most recent in a crime wave sweeping across the city.

When reached for comment, the person running the 16th & 17th District Chicago Police Scanner account informed The Post Millennial that the incident in the video took place on Saturday, September 25th.

What viewers are looking at in the video is a gang of three hooded robbers grabbing as many Ulta products as they can before running out of the store. Two men stay around the center of the store while a third briefly goes elsewhere before rejoining the others in their escape.

Onlookers watch in shock as the store’s alarm blares.

"Look at this! Insane!" is all the guy filming the moment can bring himself to say.

A recent write-up by CWBChicago describes the organized shoplifting raids happening across the city in recent weeks. Ulta Beauty stores are said to be one of the locations of focus for thieves to burglarize.

Their findings say one Ulta store alone got hit three times at the end of August. Chicago police put out a formal warning about "groups of shoplifters who were swarming stores to steal perfumes."

In mid-September other Ulta locations were looted, even after the warning was put out.

Looters have had a recent pattern of targeting stores that sell purses and handbags.

  • Friday, September 17th, three men targeted the Intermix fashion store.
  • Saturday, September 18th, a group of six men ambushed the security guard at a Salvatore Ferragamo and made off with nine handbags (witnesses say some of the culprits were part of an August loot crew that previously stole $43,000 worth of purses).
  • Monday, September 20th, a gang of twelve men rush into a Bottega Veneta and make off with thirty-five handbags worth thousands of dollars apiece.

The last item of note outlined by CWBChicago is how a pair of armed men are going through Walgreens stores across Chicago pilfering their inventories of cigarettes. They say as recently as September 11th, the masked duo robbed three different Walgreens stores in a matter of two hours.

Chicago isn’t the only city facing this dilemma. Back in the summer places like Walgreens and Target decided to close their San Francisco locations earlier in the day, in response to an increase of shoplifting crimes.

As detailed at length in a Wall Street Journal expose, criminals like the ones in Chicago are part of a pattern of illegal activity nationwide that sees people pushing shoplifted products at steep discounts online.