Former US President Donald Trump has filed a $100 million lawsuit against his niece, Mary Trump and The New York Times. According to The Daily Wire, the lawsuit is related to his niece leaking his tax documents to the Times.

Trump's lawsuit alleges The New York Times coerced his niece into illegally providing his tax documents. According to The Daily Beast, damages are "to be determined at trial, but believed to be no less than One Hundred Million Dollars," the suit says.

"More to come, including on other people and Fake News media," Trump said in a statement on the lawsuit.

The lawsuit is related to October 2018, where Mary Trump leaked several documents concerning the former president's taxes. Donald Trump alleges she violated a 2001 confidentiality agreement by doing so.

Mary Trump and the Times both dismissed the lawsuit. "I think he is a f***ing loser, and he is going to throw anything against the wall he can," said Mary Trump. "It's desperation. The walls are closing in, and he is throwing anything against the wall that will stick. As is always the case with Donald, he'll try and change the subject."

"The Times' coverage of Donald Trump's taxes helped inform citizens through meticulous reporting on a subject of overriding public interest. This lawsuit is an attempt to silence independent news organizations, and we plan to defend against it vigorously," said a spokesperson for the Times.

The lawsuit also claims the Times and reporters David Barstow, Russ Buettner, and Susanne Craig are "directly responsible" for Mary Trump handing the documents over. This accusation arose after Mary Trump said on a podcast that Craig pushed her to hand everything over.

"Yeah, um, I'm actually really proud of that," Mary Trump said during her appearance on the podcast.

"But I have to be honest with you. I didn't even remember I had [the Confidential Records]. It's entirely down to the brilliant Susanne Craig for, one, reminding me that I had them and, two, so effectively and painstakingly trying to convince — I mean, it took her months before I did — so it's entirely down to her."