In a Monday interview with The Truth with Liza Boothe, former President Donald Trump slammed the chaos that has ensued from President Joe Biden's withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, and the frantic evacuations that have ensued.

Trump told host Lisa Boothe that "The military would have come out last, not first," for a successful withdrawal. "That was the big mistake -- they took the military and they left 35 or 45,000 people right in harm's way. This was a horrible miscarriage."

Trump said if he was in charge, "We would have had Bagram opened - that was always going to be [the plan] because it has total access to China, Iran and Afghanistan," slamming Biden for abandoning the base that cost $10 billion to build, according to Trump.

To ensure that no US military equipment would have found its way into the Taliban's hands, Trump said "Then we probably [would have] bombed the bases… we would [have taken] all of our equipment… they're talking about $83 billion worth of equipment, some of it brand new."

The Taliban gained a vast array of US-bought weapons after overpowering the Afghan military, with some of the $83 billion the US spent building and training Afghan forces ultimately going towards the terrorist organization.

"This is the greatest mistake, and everybody's embarrassed by it in this country, and it's not going away. It's only going to get worse," he added.

"I guess he [Biden] was in such a rush to get the military [out] so he could say something. And then it all collapsed. But the big mistake was taking the military out first. Not last. It should have been last. And then you should have bombed the bases," Trump continued.

Trump claimed that Biden doesn't know "to this day… he did anything wrong."

While he did agree with the sentiment of getting US troops out of Afghanistan, Trump said "We're not complaining about that. We're complaining about the fact that you took the military out and you just laid this to potential slaughter. I mean, Jimmy Carter had a few, very small number of hostages. We've been held up with one hostage. He has potentially 45,000 American hostages. Nobody's ever seen anything like this."

Speaking on negotiations that took place under the Trump administration with the Taliban, Trump said "so I spoke with the head [Abdul] and I told him very strongly, I won't go nearly as strongly right now, but I said, 'listen, Abdul, if anything happens to an American, if anything happens to our land, to our country, we are going to hit you harder than any country has ever been hit by anyone before. No country will have suffered like what we're going to do to you.' And after a little discussion, he said, 'I understand what you're saying.' And he fully understood it."

"And then we had a conditions-based agreement... Do you know that no soldier was killed from the time we signed that? No soldiers, 15 months, no soldier has been killed because they knew we weren't playing games. And finally conditions based. They met the conditions and they missed the condition [so] we bombed the hell out of them. Then they came back and met that condition," Trump continued.

"It's going to be very interesting to see what the Taliban does right now," he added. "They're doing the political thing. And they're saying, 'let them come in.' [Yet] a lot of people are being beaten up and beat up very badly coming into the gray zone as we call it."

Trump goes on to question those coming to the country from Afghanistan, and whether they've been vaccinated or properly vetted.

"People are coming in by the millions who are country, they don't have masks. They don't have vaccinations. They don't have anything. Our country is being infected. And now in Afghanistan, we're delivering people all over the world and they're not vaccinated.

Boothe asked Trump how susceptible is America at this moment to terrorist attacks as a result of bringing in fleeing Afghans, to which Trump responded, "incredibly."

"Incredibly because when you're taking that many people that quickly, you can't vet those people and you have people that are terrorists that are saying, we love America. We love America. They probably walk around holding an American flag and they don't want good for our country," said Trump

"And they have serious terrorists over there. So you have people coming through that are absolutely terrorists. And they're coming through under the guise of, we want to be in America... And they can vet, you have thousands and thousands of people a day coming. There's no way they can vet those people," Trump continued.