Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has erased the Ministry for Middle Class Prosperity in his latest re-shuffle after its minister, Mona Fortier, was moved to the Treasury Board.

Trudeau created this ministry following his 2019 election victory, however, throughout the ministry's entire two-year history, both the prime minister and the minister failed to define what "middle class" actually meant.

When the minister was asked to define the term, she replied that "the income required to attain a middle-class lifestyle can vary greatly based on Canadians’ specific situation."

"Canada has no official statistical measure of what constitutes the middle class," she added.

As a result of this, it was always unclear who this ministry actually served, and what its function, or indeed objective, actually was.

When the ministry was created, journalists hounded Minister Fortier for the definition. "There's no unique definition for middle class," she said to CTV News.

This became something of a game for the journalists, and when she was pressed further on the function of her ministry, she said that "we represent the realities in a rural, remote or even urban setting, regional differences, and respond to the needs of families."

This, however, seemed to accommodate every Canadian in the country. After two quiet years, Canadians never discovered how the Liberal Government defined middle class.