Sean Fraser, the new appointee by the Trudeau administration to the position of Minister of Immigration, said recently that Canada is on target to receive its quota of immigrants in 2021, and may raise it for 2022.

This means that there will be a total of 401,000 newcomers to Canada this year. The current target, the one the ministry is considering raising, is set at 411,000.

According to Bloomberg Canada, Fraser has iterated that no concrete decision has been made regarding upcoming immigration targets, but that increasing the numbers would be "something I'm very much open to," as he stated during an interview by phone.

Fraser further indicated that the government, according to procedure, has until the middle of Feb. 2022 to present target numbers to the rest of Parliament.

Starting recently, Canada has also been employing the strategy of fast-tracking what may have been temporary workers to permanent residency and providing them a path to citizenship, to ensure that those job positions would be filled. This has helped the country stay on target to counteract a potential worker shortage.  "Targeting a pool of talent that exists globally to fill gaps in the Canadian labor force has to be part of the strategy," opined Fraser.

Fraser continued, saying that the ministry is "more than on pace to hit our target of 401,000 for the year, which I think a lot of people doubted."