Trudeau's controversial environment minister has promised that he will only travel by train across Canada, according to Blacklock's Reporter.

"I look forward to travelling across the country early in the new year, by train, to meet and discuss the best ways to implement the agenda Canadians set for us, with Canadians in all parts of the country," said Minister Guilbeault.

Guilbeault is granted a chauffeur-driven car as a result of his position. Despite this, he said he always rides his bike when he is in Montreal, where he resides.

"What I’ve said, and I mean it, is I recognize expectations are high as they should be. That’s because the stakes are very high, and the mandate that Canadians gave us is an extremely ambitious one," he added.

Guilbeault made these comments in the wake of revelations that Trudeau's former Environment Minister Catherine McKenna who travelled on first-class plane tickets to environmental conferences.

McKenna logged 22,600 kilometres by air over the course of just a few days as one of her final acts as climate minister. This was during a summertime climate change tour of Canada.

On top of this, McKenna was accompanied by nine Liberal staffers. On one of these stops, McKenna said that Canadians "need to reduce air pollution."