Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is expected to attend the "three amigos"  summit with the Mexican president and President Joe Biden next week.

The White House has said that the summit between the three leaders will "reaffirm their strong ties and integration while also charting a new path for collaboration on ending the COVID-19 pandemic and advancing health security."

The leaders are also expected to discuss the economy and rising inflation. Climate change will also be on the agenda after all three leaders attended COP26 in Glasgow, UK.

This meeting is expected to be in-person and will take place in Washington, DC next Thursday, according to CBC News. The last time this summit occurred was in 2016 in Canada's capital.

Biden will also take this opportunity to speak with the Mexican president about immigration. Since the US presidential election, America has been grappling with an immigration crisis at their southern border.

"Strengthening our partnership is essential to our ability to build back better, to revitalize our leadership and to respond to a widening range of regional and global challenges," added the White House.

"With respect for each other's sovereignty and in a true spirit of partnership, we affirm our unwavering vision that North America is the most competitive and dynamic region in the world."

This summit will also be the first between the leaders of these three countries since NAFTA was renegotiated under the previous US administration.

Biden has followed Trump somewhat with American first economic policy. Trudeau's Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland raised this issue in October with US officials.