Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has attacked the Conservative Party MPs for their views on vaccines. Despite this, Trudeau saw no apparent irony in asking his caucus to work more closely with opposition MPs.

The prime minister has asked Liberal MPs to work with opposition MPs in order to achieve climate change, housing and Indigenous reconciliation ambitions, according to the Globe and Mail.

All this took place during the first Liberal caucus meeting since the election ended. Meanwhile, the NDP is currently holding talks regarding whether they should work with the Liberal government.

If the NDP chooses to prop up the government, Trudeau's position will be given greater stability. If the NDP resists, Trudeau and his Liberal government will find themselves in a precarious position.

"Even as Canadians are continuing to get vaccinated at record rates, the Conservatives are actually moving backward. More and more Conservatives are now stepping up to stand against vaccinations, to stand against science," said Trudeau.

This tirade was apparently met with thunderous and prolonged applause from the Liberal caucus.

"They are saying they should get special treatment because they are MPs, that they don’t need to be protecting the people in their workplaces alongside them. They don’t need to be setting an example for all Canadians," said Trudeau on the subject of certain Conservative MP's reluctance to disclose their vaccine status.

"We will be there to work with whomever wishes to work with us ... to put an end to COVID-19, to fight climate change, to ensure that there will be childcare available and that there will be housing together."