The Liberal government house leader has said that Trudeau will not tolerate "political games" in the new session of parliament, saying that the Liberals will pass sweeping measures in the next 20 days.

These measures will be aimed at reforming the criminal code and the labour code, according to Blacklock's Reporter.

"I am not looking to tolerate a lot of obfuscation or political games," said the Liberal house leader. This means that legislation will be pushed through the House of Commons.

"We’ve already had significant debates on these issues, both in and out of the chamber in some cases, and a lot of time for discussion over the weeks that led up to here," said the house leader.

"I think Canadians expect us to hit the ground running," he added.

Politicos expect that these bills will pertain to banning protests outside of hospitals and mandating a 20-day sick leave.

"It is my intention not just to introduce these items but to pass these items by Christmas to be specific," said the house leader.