The Trudeau government is expected to announce the end of PCR tests for Canadians who leave the country on short trips, according to CP24.

Although the government has not yet released details about this plan, an announcement is expected shortly. Currently, Canadians, even if they're fully vaccinated, have to present a negative PCR test. These tests are much more expensive than other forms of tests.

Hardly any western countries still require PCR tests aside from Canada. Most European countries, for instance, only require the much cheaper and easier antigen test or just proof of vaccination.

Canada will still require PCR tests for travellers who have spent longer than 72 hours outside the country.

This announcement is coming before the holiday season. Canadians often jump across the American border to get cheaper deals and more varied products.

Last week, Dr. Theresa Tam announced that the PCR test rule was under examination by Health Canada.

Border regulations are expected to be on the agenda for this week's conference between the leaders of Mexico, Canada, and the United States. This summit is referred to as the "Three Amigos" conference.

This summit is taking place in Washington DC.