Canada has once again been left out of a global initiative. This comes after Trudeau's sorry tradition of being rejected from the UN Security Council and the AUKUS deal.

This time, Canada was conspicuously absent from a rally that included multiple countries throughout the free world.

This rally intended to tackle media illiteracy so that democracies could resist "the authoritarian scourge of misinformation" from countries like Russia and China.

The United States, Britain, Taiwan, Slovakia, and Japan all participated in this workshop.

Writing on Twitter, Senator Housakos said that Canada is "conspicuously missing."

"Fighting the scourge of misinformation sounds like something the Trudeau government claims to be interested in," he added. "I guess it was the authoritarian part that turned them off. Wouldn’t want to upset their friends in the CCP."

The former Canadian ambassador to Israel also commented on Canada's absence, implying that Trudeau's foreign policy was "rudderless and unprincipled."

National Post columnist Terry Glavin also noticed Canada's absence.

Trudeau recently appointed Melanie Joly to Foreign Affairs. Canada's political commentariat expressed mild amazement at Joly's appointment. One columnist for the Ottawa Bubble's favourite newspaper, The Hill Times, wrote "Melanie Joly to foreign affairs. Ummm... okay."

Brian Lilley at the Toronto Sun was slightly more scathing in his criticism: "Foreign Affairs used to be a prestigious ministry, one where people who could command respect for Canada on the international stage were placed."

"Under Justin Trudeau," Lilley added, "it has become a place for him to put ministers he doesn’t know what to do with."