Justin Trudeau dodged a series of questions related to a looming sex scandal involving Liberal incumbent Raj Saini. Trudeau said Friday that it is a "rigorous process" to investigate these allegations, but he feel his candidate is innocent and should run in the election.

Several unnamed sources alleged two-time Kitchener-Centre MP Raj Saini made unwanted sexual advances and inappropriate comments, reported Kitchener Today.

Reports by the CBC also found that one staffer who complained to staff about harassment attempted to take her own life in Saini's office last year.

"How can you say it's a rigorous process when the woman who's making these serious allegations says she's never participated in it? Like how does that make sense to you? And should there be a new investigation into this?" asked a reporter.

"I know how difficult this is because it's an issue that is so important, not just to the people involved, but to all Canadians. To make sure that everyone is in a workplace, free from harassment, that has resources and recourses and processes that they can lean on," Trudeau replied.

"And I'm not going to get into the details of any one case here. That wouldn't be appropriate. But I can say that we have put forward strong, rigorous processes that are available that are followed, that are in place to make sure that any complaint or concern that comes forward gets followed up on in the right way," concluded Trudeau.