A Toronto, Ontario teacher who was pictured wearing blackface in the classroom has been fired by the Toronto District Schoolboard.

The TDSB confirmed this in a statement on Wednesday. The teacher taught a grade 9 class and turned up in blackface on Halloween. The school told the teacher to immediately wash his face, and placed him on suspended leave while an investigation was conducted.

Students at the high school took multiple photos of the teacher that they posted on social media. As well as this, students complained to their parents and the school board for repercussions.

The teacher defended himself by saying he "didn't have an idea for his Halloween costume, so he decided to paint his face black."

One parent at the school said "we understand that the teacher was removed from class, told to wash his face and sent home on paid leave pending an investigation."

"We commend the Principal for listening to the children who came forward to complain and acting swiftly," they added.

During the BLM protests last summer, a Toronto man dressed up in blackface. He also had connections to a Toronto-based school.