On Thursday, Hassan Ali, also known as the Toronto-based rapper Top5, was arrested by the Los Angeles Police department after spending five months on the run from authorities.

According to the Toronto Sun, Ali was arrested on provisional arrest warrant.

The rapper is facing charges of first degree murder, and three counts of failure to comply with recognizance for the January shooting death of Hashim Omar Hashi.

Hashi was attempting to drive his car into the garage on an apartment building when Top5 allegedly approached the passenger side and shot at him numerous times.

According to the Toronto Sun, Ali was arrested in February and charged with accessory-after-the-fact, but was released the following months despite objections from police and the Crown.

Ali was released with strict orders to stay off social media, and was fitted with an ankle monitor.

In May, shortly before the charges against Ali were upgraded, he cut off his ankle monitor and went on the run.

Ali continued to use social media to stay in contact with fans, and even released a new music video and new music while on the run.

Ali also demanded a sit down with Toronto Mayor John Tory, telling Instagram "Call John Tory and tell him I f-cking want a sit-down for f-cking 30 minutes. I wanna spit my facts, and he’ll spit his facts. I run Toronto, you f-cking goof."