The Toronto police are searching for two men who attempted to abduct a missing child in the centre of the city over the weekend, according to CP24.

This incident took place on Saturday at around 9 pm. This occurred in the city's downtown core on a bridge.

One of the men who approached the missing boy offered to take him home, police have said. The boy agreed to go at first. Fortunately, private security was on hand and noticed the incident after receiving a report from the police.

They intervened before the boy could be abducted. The two men fled the area but were spotted in downtown Toronto.

The police have said that the boy is unharmed and has been reunited with his parents following this incident.

The Toronto police have described the two males as having white skin and being in between the ages of 30 and 35. They also said that they had average builds.

The first suspect was described as being 5'7, wearing a black puffer jacket and a baseball cap. The second suspect was 5'8 and was wearing a red lumberjack jacket.

Police are currently asking the public for more information about this crime.