Toronto’s viral Chair Girl has pleaded guilty to mischief causing danger to life on Friday, after throwing a chair off a 45th-floor condo balcony near the Gardiner Expressway earlier this year.

Marcella Zoia, the 19-year-old who threw a chair off a sky-high condo building in February while being videoed has officially pleaded guilty on Friday in a Toronto courtroom.

While she has pleaded guilty to mischief causing danger to life, that does not cover all of her original charges.

When arrested, she was charged with mischief endangering life, mischief endangering property under $5,000 and common nuisance. According to the Toronto Sun, those remaining charges are expected to be dropped by the Crown Prosecutors.

A sentencing hearing has been scheduled for Jan. 14, although the crown has called for six months in jail.

While sentencing awaits, according to CTV, Zoia’s lawyer has confirmed that his client has been expelled from the dental hygiene program she was previously in and is currently modelling.

Zoia’s account has significantly grown since the chair girl incident, according to the Toronto Star, her Instagram account grew from 6,000 to more than 32,000 today.

“There was a job opportunity that she had and a decision was made not to proceed with that,” he said outside of the courthouse. “Right now she does modelling when the opportunity presents itself.”

“She was doing modelling before this and she has had contracts since this. If you are asking me if those contracts were a result of this case, I honestly have no idea.”