Two Trudeau cabinet ministers have been on the green offensive over the past 24 hours. Both ministers suggested that the environment will be a top priority in Trudeau's third mandate, even if it may be at the expense of Canada's top industries.

Trudeau's new Minister of Natural Resources Johnathan Wilkinson appeared on the CBC's Power and Politics show. During his interview, Wilkinson said that "I've always been, what folks have described as a business environmentalist."

"I recognize and fully accept the science that says that we must dramatically reduce carbon emissions on a pathway to net-zero," he added.

During the interview, Wilkinson said that although he was committed to growing the economy, he was primarily focused on bringing Canada's emissions under control.

He refused to say whether he would invest and grow Canada's strong natural resource industry.

In another interview with the CBC, Trudeau climate czar Steven Guilbeault (who was once labelled the "green Jesus of Montreal) also said that "the economy of the future will be a green economy."

"Canadians have made it clear," he added. "They want solutions on climate change that are ambitious, practical, and will make Canada a competitive player in the low carbon economy."

In 2001, Guilbeault was arrested for illegally climbing the CN tower to protest Canada's inaction over climate change.

"This will be very concerning and frustrating for everyone who's part of the natural resource economy in Canada," said a fellow with the Macdonald-Laurier Institute think tank to Reuters.

All in all, the oil and gas industry may be concerned with the aggressiveness of Trudeau's environmental policies.

Climate change became a critical issue during the election campaign. The prime minister was attacked by the leaders of the Green Party and NDP during the national debates over his inaction.