A crowd estimated to be well into the thousands gathered outside Vancouver General Hospital on Thursday in protest against what protestors are calling the "tyranny" of forcing people to accept a vaccination.

"Stand up for freedom now or lose everything," said one sign being held high at the rally.

According to CTV News, several more of these protests are currently planned to take place at major locations all across the Canadian nation.

Not all people were impressed with the rally, however.

"Just stay the hell home," said Vancouver mayor Kennedy Stewart to the protestors in a statement.

"Just stop this. Join with us and let's end COVID, rather than taking risks and spreading it and worst of all intimidating healthcare workers."

Despite Stewart's rhetoric, it appears the protects have remained peaceful. The hospital issued a statement saying that patient care and hospital operations, in general, have not been affected by the crowds outside.

Vancouver police also reported no incidents with the crowd, but that they would be "continually monitoring and assessing the situation."

The protestors eventually went mobile, moving from the hospital to the downtown area over the Cambie Bridge. People are being asked to avoid the area so as not to get stuck behind the crowd.