The Taliban has just released a new video entitled "Victorious Force 3", in which they blame the US for the terrorist attacks occurring on its on soil on Sept. 11 2001.

The video states specifically that the "attacks were the result of the United States’ policy of aggression against the Muslim world." Later on in the video, it states that the US erroneously invaded Muslim countries "without considering the reasonable stance of the Islamic Emirate on the issue.”

According to the Long War Journal, the narrator in the approximately 40 minute long video at one point also calls the US "the true terrorists."

In addition, the Taliban continues to insist that they had no involvement whatsoever in the tragic events of that day when more than 3000 Americans lost their lives and many more were injured in four separate attacks.

This is despite the fact that links between the Taliban and Al-Qaeda are evident, and have been evident for a long time now. Al-Qaeda right after the attacks in 2001 claimed full responsibility for them, even bragging about them.

The narrator of the video continued, saying that "the Muslim nation of Afghanistan was forced to stand up against terrorist America and its allies, to cleanse its soil of their filthy existence and to regain its independence, bring and establish an Islamic system of their choice."

Naturally, it appears that not all Afghan citizens share the narrator's sentiments. Disturbing video showed some of them desperate enough to try to escape the Taliban by clinging to the wings of airplanes that were taking off. In one grisly and unfortunate case, human remains were even found in a plane's wheel well.

All in all, on Aug. 16 2021 alone, seven people died, including at least two Afghans who got ran over by planes, and two more who fell to their deaths after clinging to the outside of planes as they took off.