On Friday, students at Zimmerman Middle/High School in Zimmerman, Minnesota staged a walkout to protest the school's insisting on making alleged victims go to class with a boy they have accused of sexually assaulting them.

Protesting what appears to be a cover-up incident similar to this one in Loudoun County, the walkout took place despite repeated threats by the school principal, Marco Voce, who told students that they faced suspension if they walked out.

According to the Daily Mail, there was a school board meeting held on Thursday, but the topic was glossed over, and parents were not allowed to even so much as bring up the subject.

"We were all denied. None of us were allowed to speak at the meeting," said Cassie Bonine, whose daughter attends the school. Bonine later ran into Voce while going to the bathroom, saying, "I then asked him if he had children. He said he had two daughters. And I asked him what if it were your daughters? How would you feel in this situation?"

The following day, a sheriff appeared at her door and handed her the following letter:

The letter mentions that she is now prohibited from entering the school grounds for a period of one year. "I can't drop her off. I can't pick her up. I can't attend her volleyball games. I can't go to her conferences. If she's sick, I can't go there. If she's injured, I can't go there."

Voce had also previously sent a threatening email to students and parents, saying, "ISD 728 does not condone, support, or sponsor student walkouts, and that "… students who participate in a walkout that violates any ISD 728 policy, which includes any type of bullying, harassment, discrimination etc., may receive significant discipline which could include out of school suspension."