Controversial Liberal Minister Steven Guilbeault has been appointed Canada's minister for the Environment and Climate Change.

Before becoming a Montreal-based Liberal MP, Guilbeault worked as an activist for Equiterre and Greenpeace.

Guilbeault is expected to attend the United Nations climate change conference in Glasgow (COP26) where Trudeau will also be in attendance alongside other world leaders,  according to CBC News.

During his time with Greenpeace, Guilbeault famously climbed the C.N. Tower in Toronto to protest Canada's inaction over climate change.

Previously, Guilbeault was Trudeau's Minister of Heritage, where he was the architect for Bill C-10. This Bill received significant criticism from specialists and opposition parties for its heavy-handed approach to regulating "user-generated content" on platforms like TikTok and Youtube.

During the election, the Conservative Party alleged that this amounted to internet censorship.

Throughout his tenure as the Heritage Minister, Guilbeault frequently embarrassed the government through ill-timed or unprepared interviews. The most famous of these was with CTV's Evan Solomon, where Guilbeault struggled to defend, or even define, his Bill.

As a result of Guilbeault's move, it is unsure whether the Trudeau Government will continue to pursue further internet legislation.

Trudeau will announce his full cabinet later today. The previous Environment Minister Johnathan Wilkinson is expected to be shuffled to Natural Resources.